Averroes · KMB · London

With love,


Greetings everyone!

I’m so excited to show you my new website after my first one, at gorilahutan.blogspot.com . I know, the blog’s url itself sounds funny to you? 😂 But just so you know, I chose it randomly just because it’s very unique and so that people would easily remember it and simply make a visit to my blog often.

So here it is, my new blog, an indicator to my fresh start at university. Last time I became a blog writer, few juniors contacted me on Twitter after discovering (read: stalking) my posts about KMB and things related to it. I felt genuinely happy to be a reliable source in helping them to make a decision to enter KMB, humbly speaking. I made them changed their minds about KMB after curiosity got the better of them. To put it in words, as long as I am here, I would be pleased to assist you in any areas that I’m not lacking thereof.

Mind you, I’ve recently graduated from an IB World School, Kolej MARA Banting and I’m proudly a member of Averroes, batch 2014/16 at KMB. I studied high school at 2 places, namely SAMTEN and MRSM Johor Bahru. Currently, I’m preparing myself for a BSc degree somewhere in London. I’ll reveal the name of my university to you shortly, so no worries.

Much to my amusement, I think my second post will be about an appreciation post for my ex-classmates during the course of 2 years at KMB, people whom I love dearly and hold a special place in my heart. I’ll try to update this as often as I can and hopefully, I can share a lot of things with my readers from my episodes of studying overseas to my travelling experiences! Guess I’ll end my writing here. More posts coming soon! 🌸🌸🌸

With love,

Wan Nadira.


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