#1 Post


Hi everyone! Hehe, how are you doing? This is officially my first post on arnabPINKIE and I do want to congratulate myself on this self-centered achievement. Yeayyyy! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ (lol)

The main reason why I decided to move to a new blog is because I want to make my previous blog private so that only I can see it and be moved when reading through the posts I’ve made before, right when I was at SAMTEN until the day I called myself an IB survivor 😊

And thus, I really hope that I can update this blog as often as I can by sharing loads of interesting stuff in London and any breathtaking viewsΒ that I think could bring sheer joy to my readers. Who knows if they can also be inspiring to my juniors from my high school as well right?

(Not to forget, I also have deactivated my Twitter account already, so this is the only way I can interact with any of my colleagues and closed friends other than Instagram. Mind you, I do not really like the idea of spamming everyone’s timeline on social medias with an abundant of my photos, its inconsiderate to others and unwelcomed for)

Thank you again for reading this. Love you readers ❀️


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